Practices of waste management in health care facilities in Nepal’s Biratnagar metropolitan city.

Nawa Raj SubbaWorld Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews, 2021, 12(03), 398–404 Abstract Biratnagar is a medical referral centre with tertiary health care in Eastern Nepal. The city population is 202,061, according to the 2011 census. There are 35 Health Care Facilities (HCFs) in the city as of 2014. There are 7 HCFs, 2 nongovernmental […]

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डा. नवराज सुब्बा~ पछि फर्केर हेर्दा, तेह्रौँ शताब्दीपूर्व मानिसको चेतना स्तर ईश्वरमा केन्द्रित थियो । उसबेला सबै कुराको कारण उही ईश्वरलाई मानिन्थ्यो । सम्भवतः डर, त्रासबाट बच्न जिज्ञासाको उत्तर दिन साथै समाजलाई सदाचार बनाउन उक्त दर्शन र मार्ग मानिसले अपनाए होलान् । तेह्रौँ शताब्दीदेखि अठारौँ शताब्दीका मानिसको चेतनास्तर अलि माथि उठेको देखिन्छ । त्यसबेला उनीहरुले […]

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Saint Phalgunanda prioritize the poor

Dr. Nawa Raj Subba~ An ethnicity’s religion manifests itself in its culture (Mulder, 1985). Religious faith passes down from generation to generation through life experience, perception, and society (Geertz, 1985). Religion and culture are thus inextricably linked. The above-mentioned remark implies that a person of any faith or culture could be plagued by his family’s […]

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