नेपालमा दादुरा खोप अभियान मंसीर २१ देखि

नेपालमा दोश्रो दादुरा खोप अभियान मुलुकका पहाडी र तर्राईका जिल्लाहरुमा आगामी मंसीर २१ गतेदेखि सञ्चालन हुने भएको छ । पूर्वाञ्चलका १३ पहाडी र तराइ जिल्लाहरु झापा, इलाम, पाचथर, मोरङ, सुनसरी, धनकुटा, भोजपुर, तेह्रथूम, सप्तरी, सिराहा, उ

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National Center for AIDS and STD Control


National Center for AIDS and STD Control
Teku, Kathmandu
Cumulative HIV/AIDS Situation of
as of
July 31 , 2006



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What is HIV/AIDS?

The HIV stands for Human Immuno-deficiency Virus and AIDS stands for Acquired Immuno-deficiency Syndromes. So, HIV is a cause virus and AIDS is a state or disorder or complex of symptoms or a state of disease. The HIV/AIDS a virus induced pandemic is one of the most serious health concerns in the world today, because of its high case fatality rate and lack of a curative treatment or vaccine.

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Morang: Target Population (F.Y. 2063/64)


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