Welcome to a captivating realm of artistic expression! Dive into the world of Nawa Raj Subba‘s literary and musical brilliance on this page ‘Radio Programs’. Here, you’ll discover a treasure trove of radio programs where the maestro delves into the depths of his poems, lyrics, and essays.

Please tune in to the rhythmic cadence of his voice as he unravels the stories behind his creations, inviting you to a personal journey through the corridors of his creative mind. These programs are not just a collection of spoken words but a celebration of his literary and musical prowess.

Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring melodies showcased in his albums; each note is a testament to his passion and dedication. Nawa Raj Subba’s music is not just a sound; it’s an experience, a journey that resonates with the beating heart of his artistic spirit.

These radio programs are a unique tapestry, weaving together the significant events of his literary and musical expedition. Each program is a window into the artist’s world, from the inspiration behind his lyrics to the emotions embedded in his poems.
So, grab your headphones, hit play, and let Nawa Raj Subba’s creations paint your moments with the vibrant hues of his artistry. Welcome to a space where words and music converge to create an enchanting symphony of creativity. Enjoy the magic!

Popular-radio-talk-shows are broadcasted on Radio Nepal and Radio Kantipur.

१. ‘देशको माया’ एल्बम सार्वजनिकीकरण तथा लोकार्पण रेडियो कान्तिपुरबाट

‘Deshko Maya’ Album Release Program aired from Radio Kantipur Kathmandu Download

२. पहिलो अनलाइन वेभक्याम विश्व कविता प्रतियोगिता विशेष रेडियो नेपालको कार्यक्रम साहित्य संसार

First Online Webcam World Poem Competition Special in ‘Sahitya Sansar’ of Radio Nepal. Download

३. नेपाली साहित्यिक तथा साँस्कृतिक भलाकुसारी गर्न नवराज सुब्बासंग रेडियो नेपालको कार्यक्रम समाजको मझेरीमाको लागि दाहाद यज्ञनिधिले तयार पार्नु भएको कुराकानी तीन श्रृङ्खलामा उपलब्ध छ ।

‘Samajko Majherima’ of Radio Nepal Part-1 Download


‘Samajko Majherima’ of Radio Nepal Part-2 Download


‘Samajko Majherima’ of Radio Nepal Part-3 Download

४. ‘सुसेली’ रेडियो कान्तिपुरबाट निर्मित तथा प्रशारित कार्यक्रम

‘Suseli’ Program produced & aired by Radio Kantipur Download

५. ‘स्पन्दन’ रेडियो कान्तिपुरबाट निर्मित तथा प्रशारित कार्यक्रम

‘Spandan’ program produced & aired by Radio Kantipur Download