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Nawa Raj Subba, a Nepali writer

Dr. Nawa Raj Subba welcomes you. Here, I’ll introduce you to my universe. I’ll display the poetry, music, and writings I’ve done. I’ll also talk about my publications and research.

It is my website. On it, you can read and download my works. You can also express your feelings to me.

As a citizen of the world, I will treat everyone equally. I eagerly await constructive feedback.

Excerpts from the Essays eBook ‘Both Sides of Coins’

This is a real story based on an incident. It is also known as a Social History of Eastern Nepal. This incident occurred almost a century ago in Yangmane of Change village Maiwa Dobhan, located in Taplejung district, Nepal’s far eastern Himalayan district. It happened in a Newar family in Maiwa Dobhan, at the confluence of the rivers Tamber Khola and Maiwa Khola.
I am writing a memoir of the experience. To retain the event’s legitimacy and authenticity, I shall provide its characters with an introduction, context, and background knowledge. This article is more sociological than literary in terms of content. So, this event will be beneficial to sociology students and researchers.

Poetry is a form of communication with the soul.

Dr, Nawa Raj Subba, Self-Reflection at the Moment, Anthology of Poems, 2022

The eBook is available. The top bookstores in the world carry e-books by Dr. Nawa Raj Subba. Additionally, free access has been made available in the online library.

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Self-Reflection at the Moment by Dr. Nawa Raj Subba
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Mana Ra Mato
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Health Seeking Behavior of Rajbanshi
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What do Literary Figures think of Nawa Raj Subba’s Work?

Among contemporary creators, I would like to put Nawa Raj Subba’s name forward as one of the busiest, most prosperous, and most vibrant writers. His poetry is creative, thoughtful, sensitive, and has a sound that reflects the time. Many artists will be drawn to this simplicity’s beauty, leading them in the right direction and doing well for Nawa Raj. Subba has progressed so that readers will never forget him in the list of many names, including Bairagi Kainla, Krishna Bhushan Bal, Bishnu Bibhu Ghimire, Rajendra Salabh, and Manu Manzil.

PROF. Dr. Govinda Raj Bhattarai (from the Forward of THE poeM collection BICH batoma Byujhera, 2008)