Dr. Nawa Raj Subba

Health psychology is a behavioral medicine having interdisciplinary scopes including both medicine and psychology. It deals with the psychological and behavioral processes. Health psychology commits overall individual’s well being and health. Religion organizes the system of beliefs and practices. Spirituality connects self to self-others nature and ultimate others. Spiritual health maintains harmonious relationships with other living things and having otherworldly heading and reason. This incorporates living according to one’s ethics, morals, and values.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health took an interest in profound works on amid youth and pre-adulthood might be a defensive reason for a scope of wellbeing and prosperity results in early adulthood, as per another investigation. Analysts found that people who went to week after week religious administrations or rehearsed day by day petition or contemplation in their childhood detailed more noteworthy life fulfillment and inspiration in their 20s—and were less inclined to so have depressive side effects, smoke, use unlawful medications, or have a sexually transmitted diseases—than individuals raised with less customary spiritual lifestyle (Ying and Tyler, 2018).

The outcomes demonstrated that people who went to religious administrations in any event week after week in youth and immaturity were roughly 18% more inclined to report higher bliss as youthful grown-ups (ages 23– 30) than the people who never went to administrations. They were additionally 29% more inclined to volunteer in their networks and 33% more averse to use illegal medications (Ying and Tyler, 2018).

Health interlinks with religion and spiritual well-being. Religious and spiritual involvement in early adulthood demonstrated the healthy condition.

Ying C. and Tyler J. VanderWeele (2018). Associations of Religious Upbringing With Subsequent Health and Well-Being From Adolescence to Young Adulthood: An Outcome-Wide Analysis. American Journal of Epidemiology. online September 13, 2018, doi: 10.1093/aje/kwy142

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