by Nawaraj Subba

— One—
In Nepal: Yesterday and Today

In this country
There used to be the King,
Poets, Artists, and Singers
and Historians-
they all Praised Him.
The King dictated them
to write His glory.
In this Country
There is no King.
Rest are present
King’s habit is alive
as an infectious disease.
Leaders, Heroes-
and all “Actors”
are infected
A Ghost has overridden on them-
Today; in this Country
There is competition
to declare himself- “the King”.

— Two—
Value of Life

“It is difficult to live
Rather than to die”
What really you say
Fie! Why you weep
Remembering all?
Laugh forgetting all
You laugh
No meaning of these eyes!
Don’t smell the odor
Only give air to lung
Unless you are declared
Dead by the doctor
Rest in a lazy mood
Close the cork of sense
Close eyes and be cold
Be sure to be alive
Unless declared dead
Feel proud of it
Fie! Why you weep
Remembering all?

— Three —
An Owl Am I (Poem)

I see myself in the mirror as an owl
Just as him, and exactly as him!

There are none others
To dream sweet dreams than I am
There are none others
To have sweet imagination than I am
There are none others
That has danced with Apsaras than I am

Has anyone tasted the taste of Amrit?
Yes I have but in the sweet dreams
Alas! This reality becomes just opposite
And it makes me an owl of the times

I open the eyes and observe
The schools in the dream
……….. as bunker and barracks now
Motherland and peace-hills
……….. as captured battlefield now
Just a minute ago in the dream where there
The soft fingers to garland and share
Turned over the carrier of weapons
That is targeted to me!

What is to be seen?
I have no vision and owl-eyes only
Though I have the wings and no fly
I have the free sky but no destination

I see myself in the mirror these days
None other than myself again
A pitiful owl and just an owl.

— Four —

My Hangpang

Peering at the dancing
Paddy dance in Joined hands
Kanchanjungha and Kumbhakarna
Hiding far on snow-land
My Hampang tying the sash of Tambar
Around the waist
Is also making merry
With Changey and Chhintang
My Hampang
Has exchanged love
with me.

— Five —

A Road without Statue

How it would look
People used to imagine.
A road without statue

Today, the same statue
That kept everybody left
And feared the people
In broad day light
has fallen and left the place.
The disappearance of the statue
Has broadened the road
It is no longer there to
narrow the road.
Now there is none to pretax the peddler
The pretender has been controlled
The pretender of lord/ master
has been controlled by the people
to widened the road.
Yes, it is true
Every passerby is not fooled.

— Six —
Oh! Mundhum

An illuminating light
showing a way of life
I am like blind in the day
Oh! Mundhum without you
I am just like a line-broken kite
you are my deep insight.
A great fascinating story
inherited ancestors’ history
we wanted to go after the way
Oh! Ningwa Phuma I am sorry
you are really a great mystery.
Boundless cosmos and sky
the great knowledge, creative eye
the earth with flood and oceans
Mighty Mountains are still unknown
Oh! Porokmi Yamphami! Help us!
Some people laugh but some cry
you reach everywhere without a fly.
Unity is the power you say
Contribute and befriend
Chumlung decides the way
Oh! Kanden Hang life is a service
You taught the lessons every day.

Kirata Limbu is one of the indigenous community inhibiting in Eastern Nepal. The community owns a distinct tradition and culture. Mundhum is their oral form of knowledge carried out by generations. It is knowledge, which gives insight and power. In other words, it is a religious narrative text constructed by mythological stories, legends, and prehistoric accounts, practical and philosophical encouragements in oral form.
Mundhum: Literally meaning a bright light that is accessible anywhere or knowledge,
Ningwa Phuma: Supreme power or great knowledge in the Mundhum,
Porokmi Yamphami: God of creations, a creator of men in the Mundhum,
Chumlung: Meeting of community leaders,
Kanden Yehang: A great sage and thinker of social reform in Mundhum.

— Seven —
Lepmuhang’s Determination

However, the cloud disturbs the way of crow
It reaches its destination in no time
Dark does not mean night always
No sleep please, Lepmuhang says
Feel the compass of heart
Be positive, look forward
Moreover, be sure
At dawn-
The sun will rise, rise and rise.

Lepmuhang is one of the phenomenal characters of Mundhum. He played a heroic role in a flood disaster. He made a ship and rescued people taking to the Mighty Mountain.

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