Apr 24, 2011. A Community based ‘Sukuna Samudaik Hospital’ has been opened in Indrapur Morang.  Emergency health care, primary health care and secondary level health care will be provided by this 15 bed hospital. In an opening ceremony DPHO Nawaraj Subba inaugurated the hospital in Indrapur Morang today.

Under the chairmanship of Lekhi Prasad Dahal political leaders, chief of different organizations expressed concern with best wishes. Pramod Koirala, Tej Prasad Dhakal, Gopal Thapa, Mitrasen Yonjan, Krishna Bahadur Limbu and Lalit Shrestha spoke about the newly opened hospital


लुकेको रहर एल्वम सार्वजनिक
काव्यात्मक श्रद्धासुमन देवकुमारी दिदीलाई (नवराज सुब्बा)

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