Nov 1, 2010. Morang Nepal. A mothers’ group in Indrapur- 3, Morang is going to be strengthened Emergency fund intended to use during delivery and treating emergency children.

The mother’s group has got financial support of Rs. 10,000 from Lok Bahadur Thapa and another 10,000 from Biswamitra Dhakal for the emergency fund. Bom Bahadur Thapa donated  Rs 101,000  to make a building of Primary Health Care Out Reach Clinic. Saving Fund of mothers group has reached Rs 106,000 and it has been mobilized for income generation of the group.

Out Reach clinic has served as 208 mothers for ANC check-up, 556 women took FP service, 636 under five child treated for ARI and 348 children treated for diarrhoeal diseases during the last fiscal year. Logistic supply and health worker has been provided by the Ministry of Health and Population.

In the beginning, DPHO Nawaraj Subba and Bom Bahadur Thapa jointly opened the general assembly of mothers’ group at Biratchok Morang today.

जदौ ! मगर्नी मैया (नवराज सुब्बा)
गुरुकुलमा साहित्यिक भेटघाट

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