Nawa Raj Subba

Abstract: This review paper looked at some of the most relevant material on senior citizens’ issues. The study aimed to use secondary data analysis to determine the most pressing needs of senior citizens. The essay examined their current situation, problems, and needs. Nepal’s elderly population is growing every year. They have not received adequate care from the government. The private sector made a considerable contribution to this endeavor. Both the government and the private sector have made efforts in this regard. They are currently battling to meet their basic requirements. Senior citizens not receiving adequate food and has disability mental illnesses are two of the several misfortunes listed in the research papers, both of which are public health concerns. They are in dire need of proper nutrition as well as mental health promotion. That is an area where both the government and the private sector can focus. COVID-19 has the highest Case Fatality Rate among elderly adults, and Nepalese senior citizens have a high mortality rate. The high mortality and fatality rates of COVID among the elderly have prompted policymakers to focus on senior citizens’ health and living conditions. There are three tiers of government in Nepal. If they understand the issue, they will develop strategies and services to aid senior citizens. In this changing environment, the public and private sectors at various levels must enhance cooperation to improve the dreadful situation of senior citizens. Also, the importance of family in senior citizen care has grown in recent years.


'किरात लिम्बू संस्कृति मानवशास्त्रीय विवेचना' (अन्तिम पाना)
Kirat Rai, Limbu are somewhat perplexed by the vast array of ethnic identities