Dr. Nawa Raj Subba

Who was it that gave birth to existence and the universe? Curiosity is something that everyone has. It’s an age-old question with no clear answer. We’re reviewing myths for new information based on existing knowledge. Our forefathers and mothers wondered about this as well. It is impossible to know indeed what they were thinking. However, we discovered their expertise through folklore. Literary writers created stories with simile, sarcasm, and metaphors with symbolic significance from knowledge and wisdom. Shamans are singing the lyrics. In this way, people passed down creation stories. People of gold and Silver have been described by Kirat Saksak Mundhum, as has Greek mythology of human creation. According to legend, the two men did not succeed and clashed with the Creator. Then there’s the story of a guy built of clay, ash, sky water, and a crucifix in Mundhum. Greek mythology has more bronze, heroic, and even iron men. The myth provides crucial information if we take it as a message. Since the Man of Gold and Silver period, the Kirats and Greeks have lived together. Kirat split off and went east after the Bronze Age or Bronze Man. As a result, Saksak mundhum lacks ages of bronze, Heros, and Iron Man, as Greek mythology describes. Per the mythological study, the Kirat community in Nepal and India who believe in mundhum is a mixed-age group. Accordingly, philosophical analogy and evidence imply that it was made present by Gold, Silver, Alloy, and Iron Age humans. Article


Subba, N.R. (2022). The Philosophical Analogy of the Saksak Mundhum to Greek Mythology of Genesis Man’s Ages and Its Allegorical Notation. IAR J Huma Soc Sci; 2022; 3(3): 24-29

An Analysis of the Kirat Limbu Traditional Beliefs and Culture.
खोक्रा नारा थोत्रा कान