To cite the article: Nawa Raj Subba. (2008). Malaria Prevalence Survey in Jhapa Nepal 2008. Ministry of Health District Public Health Office Jhapa Nepal.


The objective of the Malaria survey was [1] To find out the prevalence of diseases in Jhapa district and [2] To find out the sex-wise, age-wise distribution of the diseases. Most Malaria affected 11 VDCs were chosen as sample VDCs. Thirty households were randomly selected from each VDCs.

Each VDC Prevalence of malaria in adult female and the adult male was 1.4 and 3.6 respectively per 1000 in 2006 which was 0 in both sexes in the year 2008. Similarly, Prevalence of malaria in female child and a male child was 1.3 which found as 0 and 1.5 respectively in the year 2008. Therefore, the prevalence of malaria in both child and adult are found as decreased in the year 2008 with compared to the year of 2006. Some public health impacts have been observed during the study. Majority of respondents (79.9%) reported that they have got one mosquito net provided by government or NGO. Most of the samples (72.2)used to seek governmental health facilities for the treatment. 73.8 percent of samples go to governmental health facilities even malaria gets worse. But, there is still inadequate supplies of services have been reported by respondents. More than half (57.7%) respondents didn’t suppose to have sufficient mosquito nets in their house. One time is done by DPHO was reported by 16.2 percent. Report Preview/Download

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