Metaphor meaning Healing
Metaphor meaning

The Role of Metaphor in Shamanism and Poetry as a Therapeutic Tool for Healing

Dr. Nawa Raj Subba

Analyzing specific examples from diverse shamanic traditions and contemporary poems reveals shared themes and unique approaches to metaphorical usage. The paper presents glimpses of case studies from secondary data demonstrating symbolic identity’s therapeutic value. It was found helpful in treating and managing anxiety and depression. Overall, this insight reflects the power of metaphor in facilitating self-knowledge, healing, and solidifying us. It also connects us to shared human experiences.

This paper explores the healing power of metaphor in indigenous shamanism and contemporary poetry. It explores how metaphor bridges the landscape, communicates emotions, and advances healing across cultures and languages.

The review paper uses comparative approaches to analyze cultural knowledge and explores how poets and shamans use metaphors in different cultural settings. The research objectives involve examining and collecting academic documents related to the topic from secondary sources. Thematic analysis structures and displays the gathered material in relevant areas.

Shamanism and poetry use metaphors and promote healing and personal transformation. Both practices utilize metaphorical language to access and express emotional depths and navigate challenging experiences. Thus, that fosters individual and collective well-being. They have diverse cultural traditions and contemporary quests; however, there are shared themes and unique approaches to metaphor’s therapeutic function.

Keywords: metaphor, poetry, shamanism, healing, transformation, cultural perspectives

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