Nawa Raj Subba. (2021); Mewa Khola Toponym is a Historical Document, and Tampering With it Shows Fanaticism. IAR J Huma Soc Sci; 2021; 2(5): 1-6.

Abstract: The toponym of a place or river denotes the social, political, and economic clout of the local community at the time. Mewa Khola is a river in eastern Nepal that travels through the mountainous district of Taplejung. The Mewahangs who lived there toponym the Mewa Khola (river) that flows through the area. The article discusses the facts and reasons that support this notion. The essay delves into the history of the Kirat’s Mewa clan and its descendants today. The folklore, genealogy, and history guide Mewa’s identity. Around the beginning of the 21st century, the Limbu speakers distorted the ancient name of Mewa Khola to Mikwa/Mikhwa Khola. Mikwa, which means tears in the Limbu language, was their argument. The Limbu language and literature did not recognize the Mewahang, the elder brother of Limbu. Limbu speakers in New Nepal sought to rename in the name of originality in the backdrop of political change. The paper looked into who, when, where, and how founded Mikwa by intruding on the Mewa Toponym. The history of the Mewa people, who speak Limbu, is obscure, but history and culture have hinted at it. Based on a comparative investigation of the same sign, the article argues the Kirat Mewa sect’s pre-arrival and arrival routes. Despite Kirat history and Kirat Mundhum Limbu speakers changed the toponym Mewa Khola to Mikwa Khola, Samba Limbu Mundhum has called the river and surrounding area Mewa Khola. Full Article

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