‘Subba’ is a word that today defines a social ethnicity. In Nepal, the name is also often used in the administrative sector. People believe that when Prithvi Narayan Shah united Nepal, he established the title Subba. Limbu group claim that the Gorkha-Limbu pact signed during Nepal’s unification did not grant Limbu rights. They have spread the misconception that the surname or post of Subba originated during the Shah’s reign. As a result, a sect of the Limbu responded harshly to the remarks of Subba. However, a Subba surname bearer saw his last name as his traditional title as his identity. There is a split opinion about the surname Subba within the Kirat Limbu community. Is Subba’s surname or title from the Gorkha or Shah dynasty? What evidence is there in history and mundhum on the theme? I dedicate this essay to providing an answer to that question. The review indicates that this word is a sign of the Kirat legacy, not a product of the Shah’s reign.

Keywords: Subba, Surname, Title, Kirat, Limbu, Prithvi Narayan Shah, Gorkha.

Citation: Subba, N.R.. (2021); The Subba Surname Attributes to the Kirat Legacy. IAR J Huma Soc Sci; 2021; 2(6): 24-29.

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