Genealogy of Phyang Samba, 2023

Introduction of the book A genealogy is an orderly list of males or fathers, sons or descendants. It has been discovered that genealogy evolves through biological kinship and socio-cultural adaption. As a result, genealogy is the study of a clan’s origin, history, and behavior. This ethnic knowledge exposes their mythical and historical past and their…

Kirat Limbu Culture – Anthropological Investigation
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Kirat Limbu Culture – Anthropological Investigation

In this groundbreaking book, the author delves into the realms of Mundhum, Vedas, Kirat Limbu history, and culture, offering a Socio-cultural anthropological analysis that is unparalleled in its authenticity. This work provides a comprehensive exploration of these subjects and includes a comparative study with Khas, Arya, Dhimal, and Tibeto-Burman families.
The book presents a wealth of meticulously examined and synthesized data, making it an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to grasp the rich history and distinctive culture of the Kirat people, conveyed in accessible language.
This study, which uses a positivist methodology, divides ontology and epistemology and lays a solid theoretical groundwork for the current investigation. The book thoroughly examines the Kirat-Sen-Samba civilization, conducting extensive research and analysis.
The findings reveal a significant correlation between Kirat Sen from Simangadh, Chaudandi, Koshi Kokaha Baraha Kshetra, and Samba from Mewa Khola Taplejung, Nepal, establishing a connection between blood lineage and cultural heritage. This conclusion is drawn from examining diverse genealogies and the study of Tungdunge Mundhum.
The author, Subba, is a public health specialist interested in history, culture, and anthropological research. Known for his songwriting talents, he has published over a dozen literary works. Holding a PhD in health psychology and master’s degrees in public health and Nepali literature, Subba’s academic pursuits have encompassed the fields of anthropology, sociology, culture, and population.
After serving as a district public health officer for over three decades across various districts, he has now retired. With a focus on utilizing anthropological facts, theories, and perspectives, Subba emphasizes the importance of cultural studies within the Kirat Limbu community.


डा. नवराज सुब्बा~ पछि फर्केर हेर्दा, तेह्रौँ शताब्दीपूर्व मानिसको चेतना स्तर ईश्वरमा केन्द्रित थियो । उसबेला सबै कुराको कारण उही ईश्वरलाई मानिन्थ्यो । सम्भवतः डर, त्रासबाट बच्न जिज्ञासाको उत्तर दिन साथै समाजलाई सदाचार बनाउन उक्त दर्शन र मार्ग मानिसले अपनाए होलान् । तेह्रौँ शताब्दीदेखि अठारौँ शताब्दीका मानिसको चेतनास्तर अलि माथि उठेको देखिन्छ । त्यसबेला उनीहरुले…

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Saint Phalgunanda prioritize the poor

Dr. Nawa Raj Subba~ An ethnicity’s religion manifests itself in its culture (Mulder, 1985). Religious faith passes down from generation to generation through life experience, perception, and society (Geertz, 1985). Religion and culture are thus inextricably linked. The above-mentioned remark implies that a person of any faith or culture could be plagued by his family’s…


एक्काइशौं शताब्दीको चाहनाः नेपाल सम्बतको सान्दर्भिकता

डा. नवराज सुब्बा ~ तिहारमा नेवार समुदायमा म्हपूजाका दिन नेपाल नववर्ष पनि मनाइन्छ । यसपालि वि..स. २०७८ कार्तिक १९ गते तथा सन् २०२१ नोवेम्वर ५ मा यो नेपाल नववर्ष ११४२ आरम्भ भएको छ । आजभन्दा करिव एकहजार एक सयवर्षअघि शंखध्वर साख्वाले उपत्यका आम गरिव दुःखीको ऋण तिरिदिएर ऋणमुक्त गरिदिएको सम्झनामा यो नेपाल सम्बतको चलेको थियो…