What is HIV/AIDS?

The HIV stands for Human Immuno-deficiency Virus and AIDS stands for Acquired Immuno-deficiency Syndromes. So, HIV is a cause virus and AIDS is a state or disorder or complex of symptoms or a state of disease. The HIV/AIDS a virus induced pandemic is one of the most serious health concerns in the world today, because of its high case fatality rate and lack of a curative treatment or vaccine.

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Morang: Target Population (F.Y. 2063/64)


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MORANG: District Profile

Historically, the name of Morang district has been derived from Mawarang, the name of Kirat administrative zone during regime of Kirat king Hang.[i] Gograha was its old name of Biratnagar, present headquarters of the Morang district and Koshi zone. This name was coined during Rana regime which belonged to the name of King Birat of Mahabharata era. Now people believe that the actual capital of King Birat of that Mahabharata era has been located at Budhanagar V.D.C. which is 10 Km south east from Biratnagar.

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WATCH Project- SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis of WATCH project

Under ToR with AIFO Italy which is one of the donors of WATCH, an assessment of the project was indertaken by this writer. WATCH is working in HIV/AIDS, social empowerment and income generation in Kathmadu, Rupandehi, Kapilvastua and Nawalparashi districts.

SWOT Analysis on the basis of FGD with Rupendehi staff.


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Medical Abortion Pilot Study in Jhapa Nepal

Morang is one of the Terai district located in Eastern Development Region. It is considered as having many non governmental organizations being involved in carrying out public health activities. According to the UNDP report 2001, human development index of the district is in better position among the districts in Eastern Development Region. Health Management Information System (HMIS) has also reported as the situation of the district is in increasing trend of coverage and achievement.

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