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Self-Reflection at the Moment by Dr. Nawa Raj Subba

Self-Reflection at the Moment


Poetry is a form of communication with the soul.

Self-Reflection at the Moment, Anthology of Poems written by Dr. Nawa Raj Subba. The book is an anthology of poems from the country of Mt. Everest, Nepal. There are pictures of earthquakes, epidemics, and poverty in the texts. It shows how people suffer due to the country's lack of good governance and calamities. It also has a picture of indigenous culture. There is also an appeal to prevent the epidemic and environmental degradation. Health messages, environmental songs, and population songs are presented in the text. There are also cultural and mother-tongue songs. Overall, the most beautiful parts of human emotion are stored. In this, the poet examines both the poem and himself. He regards the poet as Shaman's younger brother and the poem as his self-reflection. The poem describes it beautifully.


During the devastating earthquake in Nepal in April 2015, I had already completed the first half of a collection of poems. In 2021, when the second wave of corona covid 19 pandemic hit Nepal, our situation worsened significantly. The pain of natural disasters and the country's poor governance compelled me to add a composition that took the shape of the collection. So I thought it would be appropriate to wrap the feeling of a decade in a wreath.

Bal Bahadur's story is also included in this selection, which is much older than the 2015 earthquake. Its character as a porter may surprise today's generation. Until the twentieth century, Nepalis had to travel in the mountains primarily by Dhakar/Bamboo basket on the back. Today's generation has never witnessed brave men! Because motor roads have now reached the villages. Vehicles now transport items that porters used to carry on their backs, such as rice, salt, oil, clothes, and so on. See, for example, a pedal route from Dharan to Sanguri Bhanjyang, the cliff and height of Dhankuta Tekunala, and the summits of Tinjure, Gufapokhri, Gorjatar, and Maiwa Dobhan.

Today, Bal Bahadur, his travel companion Dhakar basket, and Tokma stick disappeared. Bal Bahadur's geography and appearance, however, have changed. They are currently feeding camels and plowing the deserts. The color and scent of those Bal Bahadurs' toil and sweat remain the same, even though he has abandoned the Dhakers' loads. As a result, I placed this poem in this collection carefully.

Covid Corona 2019

Since the year 2020, the Covid-19 Corona epidemic has been raging in the world. The second wave came to Nepal almost a year after the first wave. The situation where the patients in the hospital did not get beds and oxygen. People were in pain from the start, and the patients' pressure made the healthcare system unstable. The political party, the populace, and the government all blamed one another for their failure once it was too late for appropriate treatment and care. The political party in Nepal's government lacked any theoretical support. Instead of focusing on the rights and interests of the populace, they were preoccupied with the interests of the party, its leaders, and its workers.

As a result, the government got stuck in a quagmire of discord. The people did not find a place to trust and became lonely and helpless. Thus, the country's existence is in crisis, which added to the concern. In this way, it is natural that the shadow of the uncertain cloud over the country falls.

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