6 October 2010-Wednesday

-Supriya Pradhan

A famed name in Nepali literature and Nepali music industry, lyricist Nawaraj Subba is offering something fresh on the occasion of his 49th birthday. After coming up with a set of patriotic songs “Deshko Maya”, Subba is releasing an album of its own kind. It is a lyrical collection full of gazals which will be titled “Lukeko Rahar”.

A presentation of Shree Baani Prakashan, Biratnagar, Lukeko Rahar (Hidden Wishes) consists of nine great soothing gazals all of whose music has been composed by senior musician Shakti Ballav and arranged by Manohar Sonam. However, apart from Subba’s penning gift, the attraction of the album has got to be the names who have lent their voices for the songs. The line-up of singers includes some popular names-from the likes of Anju Pant to Mandavi Tripathi, Jagdish Samal to Swaroop Raj Acharya, Shishir Yogi to Narendra Pyasi, Sumit Khadka, Suresh Manandhar, and Bhim Chapagain.

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