Self-Reflection at the Moment by Dr. Nawa Raj Subba

Self-Reflection at the Moment, Anthology of Poems by Dr. Nawa Raj Subba

The beach whispering

My love, I’m drowning in life and the rain!
Try your best not to cry.
Stop the river from running.
I want you to get something to drink
because I’m thirsty.
Just a little water.
Please don’t let me be alone on the seaboard.

Yesterday I was rocky, but today I am sand.
I bathed in the river of love yesterday,
and today, I’m parched.
Yesterday, the wind had no impact on my speed.
I’m flying dust in the cyclone right now,
and I’ve turned into unwanted dust for someone.
Stop the air, please!
I want to breathe deeply.
Keep it out of this buggy,
alone and unattended.

There is much death on this beach.
The eyes of the suicide seeker are deep
in the river
I even saw a happy couple dancing with me.
I also saw the belly of the one who picked me up
If I, too, jump into this river
What do those workers eat,
who kept me going all day?
They stay up late in the evening
Leaning on my chest
Funerals of lives are taking place.
An undercurrent is attempting to blow me
away in the midst of this.
Stop the blast!
I will confront silence once.
Now, may tragedy never visit this bank Alone,
like I am.

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